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Have you ever wondered, Can you ship luggage internationally or even domestically without the hefty price tags of traditional shipping methods? Look no further than Lifti, a revolutionary, Travelers’ Shipping Network, that is transforming the way we travel and ship luggage globally. Lifti connects travellers with extra luggage space with senders who need to ship packages, offering a secure, convenient, and far more affordable alternative.

Understanding Lifti: A Travelers’ Shipping Network

Lifti stands as a revolutionary luggage-sharing app, transforming the way individuals travel and send luggage worldwide. Imagine desiring a product not locally available, spotting it at a significant discount overseas, and effortlessly obtaining it without relying on favours from friends or family returning from abroad. Lifti makes this a reality.

This platform ensures timely arrivals and can slash International Parcel Shipping costs by up to 70%, alleviating the burden of escalating travel expenses by offering savings of up to 85% on flight tickets. Built upon blockchain technology, Lifti prioritizes reliability and security, holding licenses and certifications in Dubai. Embrace the future of smart travel by downloading Lifti today.

Lifti App: Your Ultimate Travel and Luggage Delivery Companion

Lifti simplifies the process of sending packages, whether domestically or internationally. Here’s a comprehensive guide to its features and functionalities.

  • Domestic and International Shipping: Lifti’s platform encompasses two main sections: Local and Abroad. Users can seamlessly send packages within their own country (Local) or internationally (Abroad), catering to diverse shipping needs.
  • User Roles: The platform accommodates two user roles: Travelers and Senders. Travelers, individuals journeying from one location to another, can carry packages for Senders who seek to send parcels. Senders, on the other hand, initiate the shipping process by specifying package details.
  • Package Creation: Senders create packages by detailing the pick-up and drop-off locations, package weight, and description. This streamlined process ensures clarity and efficiency in package handling.
  • Acceptance or Rejection: Travelers have the autonomy to accept or reject delivery requests from Senders. This feature enables Travelers to choose deliveries that align with their travel plans and preferences.
  • Real-time Tracking: Once a Traveler accepts a delivery, Senders gain access to real-time tracking, allowing them to monitor their package’s journey from pick-up to delivery.
  • Payment with Lift Tokens: To facilitate payments for deliveries, users can also pay via  Lifti tokens in their wallet. This digital currency streamlines transactions, ensuring a seamless and secure payment process.

With Lifti, sending packages domestically or internationally has never been more convenient. Experience the future of smart travel by leveraging Lifti’s innovative platform for all your shipping needs.

How Lifti Works: A Step-by-Step Guide for Travelers and Senders

Lifti connects travellers with extra luggage space with senders who need to ship packages internationally or domestically. Here’s a breakdown of the process for both parties.

For  Senders Interface

  • Create an Order: Start by logging into your Lifti account and clicking “Create Order.” Specify the origin and destination city, package weight, and a brief description of your items.
  • Find a Traveler: Lifti searches for travellers matching your route and displays their profiles. You can review details like ticket verification, travel dates, luggage allowance, and delivery fees before choosing the traveller that best suits your needs.
  • Place a Bid: Once you’ve chosen a traveller, click “Bid” on their profile. Here, you’ll re-enter the package weight, provide a more detailed description of your items, confirm your sender information, and enter the receiver’s details. Finally, submit your bid.
  • Bid Acceptance and Payment: The traveller receives a notification with your bid details. They can then review the information, including the price you’re offering, and choose to accept or reject your bid. If they accept, you’ll be directed to a payment page where you can choose to pay using Lifti tokens (Note: functionality might be outdated), a linked bank card, or EasyPaisa. Lifti’s secure escrow system holds the payment until the order is completed.
  • Track Your Package: Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation and be able to track your package in real time using the provided information. The traveller will update the status throughout the delivery process, letting you know when they pick up the package, during transit, and finally upon successful delivery.
  • Confirm Delivery and Rate the Traveler: Once you confirm receipt of the package, Lifti releases the payment to the traveller. You’ll also have the opportunity to rate and review the traveller’s service.

For Travelers Interface

  • Travel with Extra Cash: As a traveller with unused luggage space, you can browse available delivery requests on Lifti. This allows you to earn extra cash by carrying packages for senders along your travel route.
  • Review Delivery Requests: When you find a delivery request that interests you, you can review the details like origin and destination, package weight, and the proposed delivery fee.
  • Accept or Reject Bids: If the delivery works for you, you can accept the sender’s bid. If not, you can simply reject it.
  • Pick Up and Deliver the Package: Upon accepting a bid, you’ll receive details about the pick-up location and the receiver’s information. Once you pick up the package, you can update the order status within the app. Don’t forget to update the status again upon successful delivery.
  • Receive Payment: After the sender confirms receipt of the package, Lifti will release the payment you earned for the delivery to your chosen method (Lifti tokens, bank card, EasyPaisa).

Overall, Lifti offers a secure and convenient platform for travellers to earn extra cash on unused luggage space, while senders benefit from affordable international and domestic parcel shipping.

Why Choose Lifti? Top Benefits for Travelers and Senders

Lifti redefines shipping and travel by offering a range of unparalleled benefits for both shippers and travellers, making it the ultimate choice for hassle-free and rewarding shipping experiences.

For Shippers

  • Fast International Delivery: Need your package delivered urgently? Lifti offers expedited shipping services, ensuring your parcel reaches its destination in as little as one day so it can’t be wrong to say that Lifti is the best international luggage shipping service.
  • Real-time Order Tracking: Stay informed every step of the way with Lifti’s real-time tracking feature. Easily monitor your package’s location and status at any time.
  • Lifti Escrow Service: Protecting both shippers and travellers, Lifti’s escrow service holds the sender’s payment until the delivery is completed, ensuring a secure transaction for all parties involved.
  • User-friendly Interface: Whether you’re a seasoned shipper or new to the game, Lifti’s intuitive interface makes the shipping process a breeze, simplifying every step from registration to final delivery.
  • Strong Customer Support: Need assistance? Lifti offers dedicated customer support throughout the entire shipping journey, ensuring that any queries or concerns are promptly addressed.
  • Competitive Pricing: Say goodbye to exorbitant shipping fees! Lifti offers competitive pricing, particularly for low-cost international parcel shipping. Thus, helping you save money without compromising on service quality.

For Travelers

  • Earn Money on Unused Luggage Space: Have extra space in your luggage? Convert it into cash by carrying packages for other people through Lifti, earning money while you travel.
  • Secure Travel: With Lifti’s blockchain technology, your financial information and personal details are securely protected, ensuring a safe and worry-free travel experience.
  • Build a Global Network: Connect with individuals worldwide through Lifti, expanding your network and opening doors for future travels or business ventures.
  • Flexible Order Selection: Choose the orders that suit your travel plans and luggage capacity best. Lifti offers flexibility, allowing you to accept orders based on your destination and available space.
  • Rewards and Loyalty Programs: Benefit from exclusive rewards, discounts, and special offers as a frequent Lifti user, maximizing your savings and enhancing your overall experience.

Lifti: A Boon for Heavy Parcel Shipping

While Lifti excels at various parcel shipping needs, it shines for those who require heavy parcel deliveries.

Cost-Effective Alternative: Traditional methods for heavy parcel shipping can be expensive. Lifti offers a significantly more budget-friendly solution, allowing you to leverage unused luggage space for a fraction of the cost.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: The user-friendly Lifti app simplifies heavy parcel shipping. Simply search for a traveller on your route, specify the weight and contents of your parcel, and get matched with a reliable carrier.

Real-time Tracking and Security: Lifti prioritizes peace of mind. Track your heavy parcel’s progress in real-time and benefit from the security of Lifti’s escrow service, ensuring payment is held securely until delivery is complete.

Lifti: Cheapest Way To  Ship Luggage

With Lifti, you can seamlessly send your belongings anywhere in the world without breaking the bank. Worried about whether you can ship luggage with Lifti? Rest assured, our platform offers a reliable and affordable solution for all your shipping needs. Whether you’re sending personal items or shopping for products from abroad, Lifti provides a cost-effective and efficient service. 

Our cheap luggage shipping service ensures that you can save up to 70% on shipping costs compared to traditional methods.

Lifti Luggage Shipping Costs Explained

While exact pricing may vary depending on weight and distance, Lifti typically follows a tiered pricing structure, making it a cheap luggage shipping service. Here’s a general example

  • First kilogram: $25
  • Additional kilograms: $7 each

So, shipping a 5kg luggage would cost around $53, significantly cheaper than traditional methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Lifti app work?

Lifti acts like a travelers’ shipping network connecting travellers with unused luggage space to people who need to ship items in a budget-friendly way. Travellers list their extra space, and senders compete with bids for the traveller’s service. Travelers then pick the most appealing offer.

Is Lifti a Registered Company?

Lifti is officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as Lifti Link Solution (SMC-Private) Ltd. Moreover, it holds licensing and certification in Dubai, guaranteeing its credibility and authenticity. These certifications encompass essential documents such as the Certificate of Formation and Trade License.

How does Lifti ensure prohibited items are not included in luggage?

Lifti employs a strict verification process, requiring senders to upload images of all items in the luggage as evidence. This helps ensure compliance with regulations and prohibits the inclusion of banned or illegal items.

How does Lifti prioritize security and trust between senders and travellers?

Lifti prioritizes security and trust through rigorous verification processes, transparent communication channels, and the use of escrow services to hold payments until both parties confirm delivery. This ensures a safe and reliable shipping experience for all users.

How does Lifti handle claims of missing items from the luggage?

Lifti’s Escrow service holds payments until both parties confirm delivery. In the event of a dispute, evidence such as uploaded images and delivery confirmation are used to investigate and resolve the claim fairly.

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In conclusion, Lifti emerges as the ultimate solution for travellers and shippers alike, offering a seamless, secure, and cost-effective means of shipping luggage and parcels globally. Whether you’re a sender looking to send packages or a traveller seeking to monetize unused luggage space, Lifti revolutionizes the shipping experience, making it smarter, more efficient, and more affordable for everyone involved. Embrace the future of smart travel and experience the ease and convenience of shipping with confidence with Lifti Travelers’ shipping network.

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