Prohibited Items List

Hazardous and Dangerous Goods:

● Explosives: Fireworks, gunpowder, flares, blasting caps.
● Gases: Aerosols, propane, butane.
● Flammable Liquids: Fuel, gasoline, lighter fluid, alcohol over a certain proof limit.
● Flammable Solids: Matches, articles which are easily ignited.
● Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides: Bleach, resins, fiberglass repair kits.
● Toxic Substances: Pesticides, herbicides, rat poison.
● Infectious Substances: Bacterial and viral cultures, medical waste.
● Radioactive Materials: Medical or research isotopes.
● Corrosives: Acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries, mercury.
Weapons and Firearms:
● Firearms of any kind, including replicas.
● Ammunition, gunpowder, and primers.
● Knives, swords, and other sharp weapons.
● Martial arts and self-defense items.
● Pepper sprays, mace, tasers.
Controlled Substances and Illegal Drugs:
● Narcotics and psychotropic substances.
● Drug paraphernalia.
● Items used for illegal drug production or consumption.
Other Prohibited Items:
● Alcoholic beverages (especially opened or without proper seal).
● Tobacco products (in accordance with destination’s laws and taxes).
● Perishables (food items, especially those requiring refrigeration).
● Live or dead animals, or animal parts.
● Human remains, including ashes.
● Cash, currency, and negotiable instruments.
● Lottery tickets and gambling devices.
● Pornographic and obscene materials.
● Cultural artifacts, antiquities, and art objects.
● Items that require temperature control or special handling.
● Lithium batteries not installed in a device.
● Motor oils and fuels.
● Objects with internal combustion engines.
Electronic Restrictions:
● Electronic devices that cannot be switched off.
● Faulty or damaged batteries.
● E-cigarettes and vaping devices with installed batteries.
● Hoverboards, Segways, and similar devices.

Personal and Sensitive Items:

● Personal identification documents (e.g., passports).
● Original copies of birth certificates, legal documents.
Cultural and Political Items:
● Material offensive to other cultures or beliefs.
● Propaganda or politically sensitive items.
Environmental Hazards:
● Invasive plant species and seeds.
● Soil and other organic materials.

Miscellaneous Restrictions:

● Items under trade embargo.
● High-powered magnets.
● Liquid mercury.
● Stolen goods or items with altered identification numbers.
● Counterfeit currency, stamps, documents.
● Intellectual property infringing items (e.g., pirated media, imitation brands).

Legal Restrictions:

● Any item illegal in the sender’s or recipient’s jurisdiction or in transit countries.
● Items that violate any export, import, or transit laws.
Special Mentions:
● Any other items restricted by airline or international courier services.
● Any merchandise that is restricted or prohibited by applicable local, state, national, or
international law.

Liability Disclaimer:

Users must declare all items accurately and are solely responsible for ensuring that their
shipments do not contain any prohibited items. Lifti reserves the right to refuse service, cancel
transactions, and cooperate with legal authorities if prohibited items are found or suspected.

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