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Lifti connects travelers with extra luggage space to senders who require a cost-efficient way to send their items. Senders place bids on the travelers’ posts, and travelers can then choose the most suitable bid for their needs.
Yes, Lifti is a licensed and certified platform in Dubai, ensuring trust and authenticity. Our certifications include the Certificate of Formation and Trade License.
Lifti provides cost-efficient, reliable, and eco-conscious solutions for both senders and travelers. Senders save on shipping costs, and travelers earn rewards while making the most of their journey.

Payments are made securely using Lifti’s custom Lifti token. The platform ensures seamless and transparent transactions within the app.

Yes, Lifti offers both intercity and international travel services. Users can send items from Dubai to anywhere, expanding the possibilities for both senders and travelers.
Lifti employs blockchain technology for secure transactions and implements a rating and review system to ensure responsible and trustworthy weight-sharing experiences.
Staking on Lifti involves holding Lifti tokens in your wallet for a fixed period. Users earn commissions and witness the growth of staked tokens, contributing to the stability of the platform.
Lifti has a total token supply of 200 million, divided into categories such as Team & Advisor, Reserve Fund, Community & Ecosystem, Liquidity Pool, Staking, and Partnerships & Collaborations.
Unstaking before the agreed-upon duration may have certain conditions and consequences. Users should review the staking terms and conditions before initiating an unstaking process.
Commissions are typically distributed based on the staking period. Lifti provides a transparent system for distributing earned commissions, which users can track within the app.
Lifti allows the sending of various items, with senders and travelers collaborating based on their preferences and requirements. It’s essential to adhere to any specific guidelines and regulations.
Lifti offers a real-time order tracking system within the app. Users can monitor the status of their weight-sharing orders, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.
Lifti does not impose strict limits on the number of weight-sharing orders a user can accept. However, users should manage their commitments based on their preferences and travel schedules.
Lifti has a transparent dispute resolution process. Users can contact the support team, provide evidence, and Lifti works to resolve disputes fairly and promptly.
You can download the Lifti app from both the App Store or Google Play Store.

To become a traveler with Lifti, simply download the app, create an account, and provide the
necessary details about your upcoming trip. After verification, you can start accepting parcel
delivery requests.

Sending a parcel with Lifti is easy! Just enter your parcel details, choose a verified traveler
going to your parcel’s destination, and arrange for pickup. Payment will be held securely until
the parcel is delivered.

Lifti connects individuals who want to send parcels with travelers going to the same destination.
This peer-to-peer approach can offer faster delivery and more competitive pricing than
traditional services

The size and weight limits for parcels depend on the traveler’s available luggage space and
airline regulations. Typically, parcels should not exceed 20 kg and must fit within a standard

Lifti offers basic insurance coverage for all parcels. Additional insurance can be purchased at
the time of booking for valuable items

Yes, you can track your parcel in real-time through the Lifti app, giving you peace of mind and
up-to-date information on your parcel’s location.

In the unlikely event of damage, Lifti will assess the situation. If the traveler is found liable, you
may be compensated up to the declared value of the item, subject to our terms and conditions.

Travelers are required to provide identification and undergo a verification process. Lifti also
encourages senders to review travelers based on their delivery performance.

Yes, Lifti prohibits the shipment of illegal items, dangerous goods, perishables, and items that
violate our terms of service. Please refer to our prohibited items list for full details.

Payment is made through the app using secure payment methods. Your payment is held in
escrow until the delivery is confirmed, ensuring a secure transaction

Lifti offers customer support for dispute resolution. If there’s an issue with your delivery, please
contact our support team immediately to assist you.

Lifti conducts thorough background checks on all travelers and provides parcel tracking from
pickup to delivery.

Items that are prohibited include hazardous materials, illegal substances, perishable goods, and
others as detailed in our prohibited items list.

The cost is calculated based on the parcel’s weight, size, and the distance it needs to travel.

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