Lifti Escrow: Safe & Secure!

In the ever-evolving landscape of online transactions, safety is paramount. At Lifti, we understand the importance of security for both your payments and parcels. That’s why we’ve implemented Lifti Escrow – our commitment to ensuring that every transaction on our platform is protected.

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What is Lifti Escrow?

Lifti Escrow is a service that holds payments securely until the entire transaction process is complete. This means that when you pay for a service, the funds are not immediately released to the traveler. Instead, they are kept safe in the escrow account.

How Does It Work?

When a sender pays for a luggage share or parcel delivery, the funds go into Lifti Escrow. Here’s what happens next:

Funds Secured

The money is held securely and is only released when specific conditions are met.

Parcel Delivery

The traveler delivers the parcel to its destination


Upon delivery, the sender confirms that everything is in order.
Hands giving & receiving money - United States Dollars (or USD) bills

Funds Released

Once the delivery is confirmed, Lifti Escrow releases the payment to the traveler.

The Benefits of Using Lifti Escrow

Protection Against Fraud

Your money stays protected against any fraudulent activity until the completion of the delivery.

Encourages Trust

Both senders and travelers can engage in transactions confidently, knowing that there’s a system protecting their interests.

Reduces Risk

If a parcel isn’t delivered as agreed, the sender isn’t out of pocket.

Streamlines Disputes

In the rare event of a dispute, Lifti Escrow holds the funds while the matter is resolved, ensuring fair resolution.

Stay Safe

Your Peace of Mind: Our Priority

Lifti Escrow isn’t just a feature; it’s our promise to you. Your peace of mind matters to us. Whether you are sending a precious parcel or earning extra during your travels, Lifti’s escrow service is designed to safeguard your transactions at every step. Lifti is more than a luggage sharing service – it’s a secure, trust-enabled platform where every member can transact with confidence. So go ahead, make the most of your travel with Lifti. With Lifti Escrow, rest assured, your transactions are safe and secure.
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