Cheapest Way to Send Luggage from Dubai-Stress-Free And Secure!

The image shows How Lifti App is the cheapest way to send your luggae from Dubai

Imagine this, You’re about to embark on an exciting trip, maybe for fun or work, but there’s a problem –sending your luggage. The usual ways are expensive and uncertain. That’s where Lifti comes in, changing the game in travel and logistics by offering “the cheapest way to send your luggage from Dubai”.

In Dubai, Lifti shines as a symbol of simplicity, safety, and big savings. It’s an app that doesn’t just move your luggage but transforms how we handle travel logistics. Join us as we delve into Lifti’s journey.

How Does Lifti Work?

The image shows How does Lifti work

Here is the step-by-step procedure, of how Lifti works.

  1. Installation and Login: The luggage sender installs the Lifti app and logs in.
  2. Search for Traveler: The sender searches for a traveller heading towards the destination where they want to send their luggage.
  3. Weight Mention: The sender mentions the weight of their luggage and other necessary details.
  4. Approval and Agreement: If the traveller has extra space to accommodate the luggage, they approve the request. Both parties agree on the pickup location, typically an airport.
  5. Sending Luggage: The luggage sender sends their luggage to the traveller. The Lifti app allows travellers to send their luggage conveniently. They can pay using Lifti Tokens, which are very affordable. This makes it easy for both the luggage sender and the traveller to manage their logistics efficiently. You can find all the essential details about LFT (Lifti Token) here.
  6. Review System: The sender can evaluate the traveller based on reviews to ensure the safety of their luggage.
  7. Security Measures: Lifti collects the necessary details of willing travellers and senders. Moreover, it doesn’t do everything alone. It’s made possible through partnerships with trusted bodies. These collaborations aren’t just for show, they ensure that everyone feels safe and secure. 
  8. Blockchain Technology: Lifti goes beyond just sending luggage; it’s about making sure every part of the process is secure. That’s where blockchain technology comes in. It acts as a protector, ensuring transparency and giving you peace of mind. Every time you send your luggage, it’s recorded in an unchangeable record, so you can trust that your belongings are safe and secure, without any doubts.
  9. Ensure Simplicity: No need to worry about complicated tech stuff, Lifti keeps things simple with an easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re using the app or the website, the steps are clear. Just enter where your luggage needs to be picked up, where it’s going, and details about it, and that’s it! Lifti’s smart systems do the rest, finding the best routes and logistics to make sure your delivery goes smoothly and stress-free.

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Affordability and Price Comparison

Lifti isn’t just about making things easy, it’s also about being affordable. The platform provides competitive prices for sending luggage locally and internationally, making it a budget-friendly option for both senders and travellers.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Consider a scenario: sending a 25 kg suitcase from Dubai to London. Traditional couriers might charge you a hefty $800–$1000 for the journey. Enter Lifti, offering the same service at a fraction of the cost – approximately $400–$500. That’s nearly a 50% saving! Lifti doesn’t just compete; it excels in delivering affordable options.

Service Destination Weight Price
DHL UAE to UK (London) 25kg 3400 AED
FedEx UAE to UK (London) 25kg 5700 AED
Lifti Dubai to London, UK 25kg 1,700 AED
UPS Dubai to LONDON, EC3P 3DQ, UK 25kg 3,700 AED

Security and Trust

When you’re giving your things to a service, feeling secure and trusting them isn’t just nice – it’s essential. Lifti understands this and makes it a top priority.

Lifti ensures this by using blockchain technology. Every move your luggage makes is securely tracked and recorded on a ledger that can’t be changed. It’s not just about security; it’s about being clear and honest. Blockchain makes sure that everything is transparent, so you can trust that your belongings are in good hands without any worries.

Trust means more than just saying it; it means showing it through actions. Lifti understands this and takes trust seriously. Some People think about whether Lifti is Certified or not. Yes, it is. It’s licensed and certified in Dubai, meeting the strictest industry regulations. With credentials like the Certificate of Formation and Trade License, Lifti isn’t just a service; it’s a reliable partner in your travel adventures.

Why Lifti Is the Need of the Hour?

When answering this question it’s important to highlight that everyone needs a secure, cost-effective and easy way to send Luggage across the world. Let’s talk about some basic points that witness Lifti’s reliability and show how it’s a need today.

  • Lifti offers affordable courier services, outperforming traditional options, making it a smart choice for those looking to save big and prioritize every penny.
  • Lifti, a blockchain-based platform, ensures secure transactions and reliable luggage handling, enhancing trust among users and reducing concerns about loss or damage.
  • Lifti offers convenient and efficient luggage transportation options for both local and international travel, ensuring quick and efficient delivery of luggage worldwide.
  • Lifti connects travellers to send luggage quickly and reliably, eliminating the need for traditional shipping methods and allowing for convenient delivery that matches travel plans.

Earning Opportunities with Lifti

Lifti is more than just sending and receiving, it’s about seizing opportunities that come your way. Experience more than just travel convenience; discover earning possibilities that exceed expectations.

For travellers with extra luggage space, Lifti offers a chance to make money. Simply list your available space, destination, and travel dates on the app. Then, see senders place bids, offering to pay to use your extra luggage space. Pick the offer you like, and once it’s accepted, you’ll get the agreed-upon amount. It’s not just about travelling; it’s about turning your journey into a money-making opportunity.

Staking Lifti Tokens (LFT)

Lifti brings a fresh angle to earning with its cryptocurrency token – LFT. Stake your LFT tokens for a specific duration, and as they remain locked in, you’ll earn commissions on transactions made within the Lifti ecosystem. The longer you commit, the higher your commission rate. Lifti offers different types of packages for Staking money in the apps and getting a commission based on the period. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, Lifti isn’t just a solution; it’s a game-changer. As we delve into its innovative features, from blockchain security to its global connectivity at affordable rates, it becomes evident, that Lifti isn’t just a service; it’s a revolution. It reshapes the way we send luggage, building a community centred on trust, affordability, and environmental consciousness.


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