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Send luggage from Dubai

Are you wondering how to send Luggage from Dubai affordably? You’re in luck!

In today’s fast-paced world, where travel has become an integral part of personal and professional lives, the demand for efficient luggage shipping services has significantly increased. This is particularly true in bustling hubs like Dubai, where travellers seek seamless transport solutions for hassle-free transport of their belongings.

Understanding the importance of this need and aiming to cater to it effectively, this guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the process of sending luggage from Dubai.

United Arab Emirates Container Port Throughput

In the global trade arena, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a pivotal player, thanks to its strategic location and thriving container port infrastructure. Container port throughput, which measures the volume of containers handled by UAE ports, serves as a vital indicator of the country’s trade activity and economic connectivity.

Analyzing trends in container port throughput offers valuable insights into the UAE’s position in the global trade landscape and its evolving role in maritime logistics.

Overview of the Growing Demand for Luggage Shipping Services

The travel industry has seen a rise in demand for sending luggage from Dubai in recent years. This trend is fueled by factors like frequent travel, convenience, and changing traveller preferences. In bustling cities like Dubai, where individuals lead fast-paced lives and often embark on frequent trips for business or leisure, the need for streamlined luggage transport solutions has become more pronounced than ever before.

Travellers often face stress and inconvenience when lugging luggage through crowded airports and dealing with complex baggage procedures. The risk of lost or damaged luggage adds to the anxiety, disrupting travel plans. Opting for hassle-free luggage shipping services can ease this burden, ensuring safe and timely delivery to the destination.

Whether for business trips, vacations, or relocations, understanding luggage-sending options from Dubai streamlines travel, enhancing convenience.

Understanding the Need

As travel trends expand worldwide, the demand for convenient luggage solutions grows. Modern travellers prioritize seamless experiences, focusing on the journey rather than logistics. Efficient luggage handling is essential, especially in bustling travel hubs like Dubai, for both business and leisure travellers.

Challenges Faced by Travelers with Excess Baggage

Travellers often encounter challenges when dealing with excess baggage. Airlines’ strict weight restrictions and hefty fees for overweight luggage can pose significant hurdles. Moreover, navigating through crowded airports with bulky bags adds to the stress of travel.

For those dealing with extra baggage fees on international flights, finding an easy way to manage and transport their excess luggage is crucial for a hassle-free travel experience.

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How to Send Luggage from Dubai? Luggage Shipping Services

In response to the growing demand for hassle-free luggage transport, luggage shipping services and apps have emerged as a viable solution. 

Ways of Transportation

When it comes to sending packages from Dubai to other countries, there are two main methods: air freight and sea freight. Each method has its advantages and considerations, catering to various shipping needs and preferences.

Air freight is the quicker option, often delivering packages from Dubai to the USA within a few days. It’s like your package catching a ride on a large aeroplane, zooming across continents! However, it can also be more expensive.

Sea freight takes a longer journey, typically spanning weeks or even months. Picture your package patiently sailing on a massive ship. Although slower, sea freight is often the more economical choice.

Cargo Prices per kilogram from Dubai

Cargo Prices per kilogram from Dubai
Company Freight Country Cost/kg
123 Cargo Air & Sea India 6 AED
ABC Cargo Air & Sea International AED 13-14.5

Reputable Luggage Shipping Companies In Dubai

Before sending luggage from Dubai, it’s crucial to research reputable shipping companies. Look for providers known for their reliability, reputation, and positive customer reviews. Consider factors such as delivery timeliness, handling procedures, and customer support to ensure a smooth shipping experience.

Here some reputable luggage shipping companies are operating out of Dubai, each offering unique services.

Company Name Services Coverage
Ship Now UAE Specializes in shipping luggage and boxes from the UAE to the UK and Europe. Door-to-door service within the UK and Europe.
Al Fares Cargo Offers shipping services for personal luggage and excess weight from Dubai, Sharjah, and other Emirates to destinations worldwide. Worldwide coverage via air and sea freight.
Excess Baggage Company Facilitates in-store luggage shipping services at Dubai International Airport. Services are available at Dubai International Airport.
Ship My Bag Provides comprehensive door-to-door cargo services, including luggage shipping. Worldwide coverage for added convenience.
Lifti App Connects luggage senders with travellers for convenient shipping within the UAE and internationally. Facilitates convenient and  cheapest luggage-sharing solutions through traveller connections.

Preparing Luggage for Shipping

Before shipping your luggage, it’s essential to prepare it properly to ensure safe transit. Follow these steps.

Choose Appropriate Packaging: Select sturdy and durable packaging materials such as cardboard boxes or hard-shell suitcases to protect your items during transit.

Wrap Fragile Items Securely: For fragile items, wrap them individually in bubble wrap or foam padding to prevent breakage.

 Seal Packages Tightly: Use high-quality packing tape to seal all seams and openings securely to prevent the package from opening during transit.

 Label Packages Clearly: Clearly label each package with sender and recipient details, including addresses and contact numbers, to ensure proper handling and delivery.

Check Weight and Size Restrictions: Verify weight and size restrictions imposed by the shipping provider to avoid additional fees or delays.

Consider Insurance Coverage: Consider purchasing insurance coverage for valuable items to protect against loss or damage during transit.

 Remove Prohibited Items: Ensure that all prohibited items are removed from your luggage to comply with shipping regulations and avoid delays.

 Complete Required Documentation: Prepare and complete all necessary shipping documents accurately and thoroughly to facilitate customs clearance.

 Track Your Shipment: Utilize tracking services provided by the shipping company to monitor the status and location of your shipment in real-time.

 Communicate with the Shipping Provider:  Maintain communication with the shipping provider to address any concerns or inquiries regarding your shipment and ensure a smooth delivery process.

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Cost For Popular Destinations and Routes for Sending Luggage from Dubai

Send Luggage from Dubai to India

Sending luggage from Dubai to India is a common requirement for travellers between these two countries. Key shipping details and considerations include transit times, customs regulations, and shipping costs. 

Air Freight Costs:  AED 250 (USD 68) per kilogram for smaller shipments falls within a reasonable range for air freight.  Prices can fluctuate based on the company, destination city in India, and current market conditions.

Sea Freight Costs:  AED 10-20 (USD 2.70-5.40) per kilogram is also in line with expectations for sea freight, which is generally much cheaper than air freight.

Send Luggage from Dubai to USA

For travellers heading from Dubai to the USA, exploring shipping options and transit times is crucial. Various shipping companies offer services for sending luggage to the USA, including air and sea freight options. 

Shipping expenses from the UAE to the USA fluctuate based on the selected transportation method and the dimensions and weight of the cargo. Ocean freight, commonly opted for, takes two to four weeks and is priced based on cubic meters or container volume, ranging from approximately $500 to $4,000. Alternatively, air shipping, significantly quicker at one to three days, begins at around $2,000 but is more costly.

Send Luggage from Dubai to The UK

Sending luggage from Dubai to the UK involves discussing shipping routes and delivery options. Air freight is often the preferred choice for expedited deliveries, offering shorter transit times compared to sea freight. 

Cost of shipping to UK from UAE

The cost estimates for shipping based on volume are as follows:

  • Around £250 to £300 for 1 cubic meter (CBM).
  • Approximately £650 to £750 for 5 cubic meters (CBM).
  • Roughly £1100 to £1300 for 10 cubic meters (CBM).

Send Luggage within Dubai and to Other UAE Destinations

For local shipping within Dubai and to other UAE destinations, various logistics providers offer reliable services. Whether you need to send luggage within Dubai city limits or to neighbouring Emirates such as Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, consider local shipping services and apps like Lifti that offer fast transit times and competitive rates.

Estimated Range: Expect costs to range from AED 30-100 (USD 8-27) for smaller shipments within the same city (e.g., Dubai to Dubai) using standard delivery. Prices can increase for heavier luggage, longer distances, or express delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to send luggage to Dubai?

Sea freight is generally the most cost-effective option for sending luggage to Dubai. Also, through the Lifti app, users can access the most affordable luggage-sharing solutions within and outside the UAE.

How do I send luggage from the UAE to the UK?

Explore shipping options provided by logistics companies, considering air freight for faster delivery and sea freight for a more economical choice.

How can I send luggage from Dubai to India?

There are numerous Tier 2 courier companies like First Flight, DTDC Eurostar, Team Express, and more. Their rates are often 50% lower than those of major carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Aramex. These companies typically consolidate and ship your courier package, often through Fedex or UPS, to its destination in India, all while charging you half the rate. Lifti operates similarly, offering competitive rates for shipping packages within and outside the UAE

Do I need insurance coverage for my luggage shipment from Dubai?

It’s a good idea to think about getting insurance for your valuable or risky items when sending luggage. This insurance helps protect your stuff in case it gets lost, damaged, or stolen during the journey. Make sure to check what the insurance covers and how much protection it gives you. This way, you can ensure your belongings are safe and secure while they’re being shipped.

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