PIA Baggage Allowance 2024 International Flights

PIA Baggage Allowance: The image shows one trolley and one carry-on bag at the airport
PIA Baggage Allowance

Get details for PIA Baggage Allowance 2024!

Are you embarking on an international adventure with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)?  Ensuring you pack efficiently and avoid any baggage-related hassles at the airport is crucial for a smooth travel experience. This guide will shed light on PIA airline baggage allowances for 2024,  tailored to different travel classes and destinations.  We’ll break down weight limits, baggage piece restrictions, and any special considerations to keep in mind.  So, buckle up and get ready to navigate PIA’s international baggage allowances with confidence!

PIA Baggage Allowance 2024

PIA Cabin/Hand Baggage Allowance

Understanding their cabin baggage also known as hand luggage or carry-on bags allowances, which apply to both international and domestic flights, can ensure a smooth check-in process.  Here’s a breakdown for different travel classes:

  • Economy Class: Passengers travelling in Economy Class are allowed one carry-on bag.  This bag must not exceed a weight limit of 7 kg (15.4 lbs) and adhere to specific size restrictions: 38 cm (14.9 in) in length, 22 cm (8.6 in) in width, and 55 cm (21.7 in) in height.
  • Executive Economy/Business Class: Travelers flying in Executive Economy or Business Class on domestic flights often enjoy a more generous cabin baggage allowance.  While the exact weight limit may vary, you can expect to bring a primary carry-on bag weighing around 12 kg (26.5 lbs).
Class of Travel Domestic International
Economy 07 KG MAX (38 L, 22 W, and 55 H) 115 inches (38L, 22W, and 55H) 07 KG MAX 115 in.
Executive Economy


12 kg maximum

01 pieces, 07 kg (38L, 22W, and 55H)115 cm, and one tiny, compact case Five kilograms

Maximum 12 kg

(38L, 22W, and 55H) 01pc 07 KG115 cm and a single tiny case 5 kg

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PIA Checked Baggage Allowance

PIA has meticulously designed baggage allowances to cater to diverse requirements on international flights.

For Economy Class

Travellers in this category typically enjoy the privilege of checking in up to 30 kg of luggage. So, PIA’s baggage size of 30 kg is the standard for this class of travel.

For Executive Economy/Business Class

Passengers flying in the Business Class usually receive a more substantial allowance, commonly around 40 kg. So, PIA baggage size 40kg is the standard for Business Class travel.  However, confirming the precise allowance applicable to your route and fare category is crucial, as discrepancies may arise depending on destination and flight particulars.

Route Economy Class Executive Economy  Class Excess Baggage Charges Per KG 
From Abu Dhabi to Pakistan  30 KG/ 01 PC 35 KG/ 02 PC USD 10
From Pakistan to Abu Dhabi 30 KG/ 01 C 35 KG/ 02 PC USD 5

PIA Extra Baggage Allowance

PIA offers a convenient way to add extra checked baggage allowance in advance and potentially save money!

Pre-purchase Advantage

PIA allows passengers to pre-purchase additional baggage allowance at discounted rates compared to standard excess baggage fees. This can significantly reduce your costs, especially if you anticipate checking in more than the standard allowance for your class.

When to Pre-purchase

You can take advantage of this option from the moment you book your ticket until 4 hours before your flight’s departure. After that window closes, standard excess baggage rates apply, which vary depending on your route (check PIA’s Booking Conditions and Baggage Rules for details).

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How to Pre-purchase

Here are the flexible ways to pre-purchase your extra baggage allowance:

  • Online: Purchase conveniently from the comfort of your home through PIA’s website.
  • PIA Booking Offices: Visit a PIA booking office near you to add extra baggage allowance to your ticket.
  • Travel Agents: Many travel agents worldwide can also assist you with pre-purchasing your additional baggage allowance.

Good News! If your ticket needs to be reissued (either voluntarily or involuntarily), PIA will process a full refund for your pre-purchased baggage allowance with no additional charges.

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PIA-restricted products for baggage

For safety reasons, certain items are strictly prohibited in both checked and hand baggage:

  • Explosives, fireworks, and flares
  • Security cases with lithium batteries or pyrotechnics
  • Compressed gases like butane, propane
  • Oxidizing substances
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Poisons and radioactive materials
  • Corrosive materials such as mercury and acids
  • Lighters (all types) in carry-on and checked baggage

Additionally, knives, scissors, and sharp objects are not allowed in hand baggage. Passengers should label their bags with full contact details and remove old tags.

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PIA At-a-glance

After familiarizing yourself with PIA baggage information, take a quick look at the PIA overview. PIA, Pakistan International Airlines, stands as the national flag carrier of Pakistan, embodying a rich legacy of aviation excellence since its establishment in 1946. With a modern fleet and a dedication to service, PIA continues to serve as a proud symbol of Pakistan’s aviation prowess and its role in the global travel landscape. PIA’s policies ensure seamless travel experiences, including well-structured baggage allowances, providing travellers with convenience and peace of mind throughout their journey.

Dubai contact no# 009714-2296100,  00971 4 2230 267

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