Flynas Baggage Allowance 2024

Flynas baggage allowance 2024
Flybas baggage allowance

Planning a trip from Dubai and want to know about Flynas Baggage Allowance 2024? Flynas offers convenient and affordable flight options, but don’t forget to pack strategically! This guide will ensure you understand the latest baggage allowance for Flynas flights in 2024, so you can breeze through check-in and avoid any excess baggage fees.

What Is Flynas?

A leading Saudi Arabian airline, Flynas is the go-to choice for budget-friendly travel in the Middle East. Their impressive network of over 1,500 flights a week connects passengers to over 70 destinations, including Dubai. Flynas consistently ranks high among low-cost airlines, recently being named the 4th best in the world and the Middle East’s favourite for six years running by Skytrax. With its commitment to affordability and quality service, Flynas is a top pick for travellers throughout the region.

Flynas Baggage Allowance 2024 

In your journey with Flynas, understanding baggage allowances and restrictions is key to a smooth travel experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Flynas’ baggage policy for 2024, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your next flight.

Flynas Hand Baggage Allowance

Flynas allows each passenger to bring one carry-on bag onboard the aircraft. This cabin baggage must adhere to specific size and weight restrictions to ensure a smooth boarding process for everyone.

Cabin Baggage

Each passenger is permitted to carry one piece of cabin baggage. This bag should adhere to maximum dimensions of 56cm in height, 36cm in width, and 23cm in depth, with a maximum weight limit of 7kg. Please note that any additional cabin baggage will incur charges.

If your cabin baggage exceeds these specified dimensions or weight limits, or if deemed unsafe by Flynas, it must be checked in as hold baggage. Excess baggage fees will apply if your hold baggage surpasses your baggage allowance.

To comply with airport security procedures, passengers must carry liquids, aerosols, and gels in containers of no more than 100ml each. These items must be placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 500ml, excluding medicines and infant food.

Infant passengers are not entitled to cabin baggage allowances.

The acceptance and carriage of excess baggage are subject to Flynas’ discretion by their baggage allowance policy and cannot be guaranteed.

Criteria Allowance
Maximum Dimensions (cm) 56 H x 36 W x 23 D
Maximum Weight 7kg
Additional Pieces Chargeable
Liquid, Aerosol, Gel (LAG) 100ml per container, transparent bag with 500ml capacity
Infant Passengers Not entitled

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Restricted Items in Carry-on Hand Baggage

Here are items that you cannot bring in your carry-on hand baggage

  1. Any type of weapon, whether it’s real, fake, or a toy.
  2. Sharp items such as knives, razor blades, and scissors.
  3. Hypodermic needles, unless accompanied by a medical certificate justifying their necessity.
  4. Sporting equipment like bats and clubs.

Flynas Checked Baggage Allowance

The amount of checked baggage you’re permitted depends on the fare type you purchased (Light, Value, Plus, or Premium) and your flight’s destination. Here’s a table to help you quickly determine your allowance.

Fare Type Domestic Flights International Group 1** International Group 2** International Group 3**
Economy (Light) 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg N/A
Economy (Value) 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg N/A
Economy (Plus) N/A 2 x 20 kg 2 x 20 kg N/A
Premium Class N/A 2 x 20 kg 2 x 20 kg 30 kg

Flynas Checked Baggage Allowance by Destination

Here’s a breakdown of the destination groups used in the table above:

  • International Group 1: Kuwait, Dubai, Amman, Sharm El Sheikh, Istanbul, Trabzon, Beirut, Tbilisi, Batumi, Baku, Sarajevo, Hurghada, Tirana, Salzburg, Prague, and Bodrum
  • International Group 2: Antakya, Lahore, Khartoum, Islamabad, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Lucknow, Calicut, Karachi, and Cairo
  • International Group 3: Baghdad and Erbil

Additional Information

  • Infant Allowance: Flynas allows a 10 kg checked baggage allowance for infant passengers.
  • Fare Regulations: For a complete list of baggage allowances and fees, be sure to consult the Flynas Fare Regulations.

Flynas Baggage Allowance for International Flights

As you can see from the table, Flynas’ checked baggage allowance for international flights varies depending on your chosen fare type and destination group. For example, on flights to Group 1 destinations (including Dubai) in Economy Class (Light or Value fare), you’ll be entitled to either 20 kg or 30 kg of checked baggage, depending on your fare.

Flynas Baggage Allowance for Economy Class

For Economy Class passengers, the checked baggage allowance depends on the fare type and destination group. Light and Value fares typically offer 20 kg or 30 kg of checked baggage, while Plus fares allow for two 20 kg checked bags on international flights (excluding Group 3 destinations).

30 kg Baggage Allowance Flights

Flynas offers a 30 kg checked baggage allowance for passengers flying in Premium Class on international flights to all destinations and for Economy Class passengers on flights to destinations in Group 1 (including Dubai) who have purchased a Value fare.

By understanding Flynas’ checked baggage allowances and using the provided table, you can pack efficiently and avoid any unexpected charges at the airport. For the most up-to-date information, always refer to the official Flynas Fare Regulations.

Prohibited items in Checked Baggage

  1. Fragile or perishable items
  2. Valuables such as currency and jewelry
  3. Electronic devices like computers that may store personal data
  4. Medication and medical equipment necessary for your journey
  5. Essential documents like passports and visas

Flynas Extra Baggage Allowance

Flynas allows you to purchase additional checked baggage allowances for your flight. The best part? You can save up to 50% on these fees by pre-paying for your extra bags at the time of booking or by contacting their Call Center before your flight.

Discounted Rates for Pre-paid Bags

The cost of your extra baggage depends on the weight of the bag you choose (15kg, 20kg, or 25kg) and your flight route. Here’s a table to help you see how much you can save by pre-paying:

Route Pre-paid 15kg Bag Pre-paid 20kg Bag Pre-paid 25kg Bag
Flights within KSA SAR 55 SAR 90 SAR 125
Kuwait, Dubai, etc. (Group 1 Destinations) SAR 105 SAR 180 SAR 250
Antakya, Khartoum, etc. (Group 2 Destinations) SAR 185 SAR 300 SAR 420

Higher Fees at the Airport

While pre-paying is the most cost-effective option, you can also pay for excess baggage at the airport. However, be prepared for significantly higher fees compared to pre-booking. The table above also shows the “Pay at the airport 20kg” rate, so you can compare the difference. There’s also an additional charge per kilogram that goes over your standard checked baggage allowance.

Important Notes

  • Prices are subject to change without notice, so it’s always best to check the latest fees on the Flynas website before your flight.
  • For the most up-to-date information on extra baggage allowances and fees, be sure to consult the Flynas Fare Regulations.

Flynas Sports Equipment: Pack Your Gear and Go

Hitting the slopes or taking your clubs on vacation? Flynas offers options for bringing your sports equipment along. Here’s what you need to know:

Pre-Book and Save: For the best deal, consider pre-booking your sports equipment online at a discounted rate. This is more economical than paying the standard airport rate.

Weight and Size Limits: Flynas allows up to 32kg of properly packed sports equipment, but no single piece can exceed this weight limit. Remember, any sports equipment you bring will be subject to an additional fee and won’t count towards your standard checked baggage allowance.

Oversized Equipment Fees: Be aware of a SAR 100 handling fee that applies at check-in for non-standard or oversized baggage exceeding 158cm in total dimensions (height + width + depth). This includes oversized sports equipment.

Flynas Lost or Delayed Luggage: What to Do

Misplaced luggage can cause worry. Here’s a guide on how to handle a lost or delayed bag with Flynas:

Baggage Claim: Upon arrival, your checked baggage will be delivered to the baggage hall. Collect it promptly to avoid storage fees. Unclaimed bags after a reasonable time may incur storage charges. If your bag remains unclaimed for 3 months, Flynas may dispose of it without liability.

Reporting a Lost Bag: If you can’t locate your checked luggage at the baggage hall, speak to a Flynas representative (any airport staff member) for assistance. To file a lost baggage report, you’ll need to complete a PIR form in the baggage hall with a Flynas representative’s signature. Failure to complete this form before leaving the baggage hall will prevent you from filing a compensation claim.

Flynas Restricted Items: Pack Smart, Fly Safe 

The safety of all passengers and crew is paramount. Flynas restricts certain items from being brought on board their aircraft. Here’s what to leave at home:

Safety First: This includes anything that could potentially injure passengers or damage the aeroplane itself.

Lithium Battery Regulations: Be aware of specific rules concerning lithium batteries. Damaged, defective, or recalled batteries (or devices containing them) are strictly prohibited.

Destination Country’s Regulations: Always research the regulations of the country you’re travelling to or from, as some items might be illegal there, leading to confiscation upon arrival.

No Animal Transportation: Flynas does not allow animals onboard their passenger flights.

Hoverboard Hinweis (Note): Hoverboards are also not permitted on Flynas aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we carry 2 bags for 30 kg in Flynas?

For Economy Class, Flynas doesn’t allow combining the weight of 2 bags for a total of 30kg. You’ll need to ensure each bag falls under the individual weight limit for your specific fare type.

Which Terminal Does Flynas Use In Dubai?

 Great news! Flynas conveniently operates out of Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport.

Which Terminal Does Flynas Use In Jeddah?

You’ll find Flynas at Terminal 1 of King Abdulaziz International Airport.

What Is 2pc Baggage Allowance?

A 2PC baggage allowance simply means you can check in two separate bags without any additional fees applied.

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