Extra Baggage Charges for International Flights from UAE

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Planning a trip from UAE? Watch out for extra baggage charges for international flights from the UAE, they can sneak up on you! Don’t let surprise fees ruin your travel excitement. Let’s break down the rules for baggage fees on flights from these busy airports, so you can start your journey stress-free.

 Extra baggage charges are fees imposed by airlines for luggage exceeding the standard allowance included in a ticket. These fees vary based on factors such as destination and class of travel.

Airlines operating from UAE and Dubai have specific baggage policies regarding allowances, excess fees, and luggage dimensions, necessitating passengers’ awareness for informed travel planning.

Overview of Airlines Operating from UAE and Dubai

In UAE and Dubai, there are lots of different airlines you can choose from when you travel. Some are fancy like Emirates and Etihad Airways, while others are more budget-friendly like Flydubai, Air Arabia, Air Astana, and Wizz Air. Each airline has the special things it offers, like services, stuff you get on the plane, and rules about how much luggage you can bring. This means you can pick the airline that suits you best, whether you want luxury, a good deal, or something in between. There’s something for everyone!

Airlines         Hubs/Airports                   Features
Emirates Dubai International Airport Famous for top-quality services and connections all around the world.
Etihad Abu Dhabi

International Airport

The airline ranked as the second-largest in the United Arab Emirates
Flydubai Dubai International Airport Budget-friendly airline based in Dubai.
Air Arabia Ras Al Khaimah International Airport,

Sharjah International Airport.

Affordable airline based in Abu Dhabi and a branch of Air Arabia.
Air Astana Abu Dhabi  Airport International and domestic routes, high-quality service
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

International Airport

Low-cost carrier, extensive European network, no-frills experience

Extra Baggage Policies Among Major Airlines

Each airline has its unique extra baggage rules. Some provide free allowances, while others charge fees. Before you pack, check your airline’s policy to avoid surprises and ensure a hassle-free journey. Whether domestic or international, understanding airport rules for luggage helps streamline your travel experience.

Curious about airline baggage policies? Visit their websites and head to the luggage section for details. Whether flying from UAE or Dubai, knowing these policies in advance helps plan your journey better.

Extra Baggage Charges for International Flights

Below are the Extra Baggage Charges for International Flights from the UAE to Europe, per additional kilogram.

Airlines AllowedBaggage Extra Baggage fees from UAE to Europe Links for Additional Information
Economy Class Business Class  Charges Per Kilogram
Emirates 35 kg 40 kg           USD 25 Emirates Airways   
Etihad 32 kg 40 kg           USD36 Etihad Airways    
Flydubai 40 kg 40 kg          USD 16 Flydubai
Air Arabia 32 kg 40 kg          USD 6 Air Arabia
Air Astana 23 kg 32 kg         USD 150 Air Astana 
Wizz Air 26 Kg 32 kg           USD 11 Wizz Air  

Note: The additional baggage fees vary depending on the destination and may differ between airlines. For more detailed information, you can visit the respective airline’s websites.

When flying from UAE and Dubai, passengers should acquaint themselves with the specific details of extra baggage charges imposed by airlines. These charges typically depend on factors such as the destination, travel class, and the luggage’s weight or dimensions. By familiarizing themselves with these details in advance, travellers can avoid unexpected fees at the airport and plan their luggage accordingly to adhere to airline regulations.

For those seeking an affordable solution, consider checking out Lifti

With Lifti, say goodbye to the stress of navigating complex baggage policies and exorbitant fees. This user-friendly platform empowers you to effortlessly arrange for your luggage needs, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish. This convenient service provides cost-effective options for managing your baggage needs, ensuring a seamless travel experience without breaking the bank.

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Tips for Passengers to Manage Extra Baggage Effectively

Pack Smart and Light

Start your journey on the right foot by packing only the essentials. Consider versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched, minimizing the number of outfits you need to bring. Leave behind items that you can easily purchase at your destination, such as toiletries or bulky winter gear if you’re headed to a warm climate.

Weigh Your Luggage Before Departure

Before heading to the airport, take a moment to weigh your luggage using a reliable scale. This simple step can help you avoid surprises at the check-in counter and allow you to redistribute items or remove non-essential items if necessary.

Pre-Purchase Additional Baggage Allowances

If you anticipate needing extra baggage space, consider pre-purchasing additional allowances from your airline. Many carriers offer discounted rates for pre-booked baggage, saving you money compared to paying for excess luggage fees at the airport.

Utilize Innovative Services

Take advantage of modern solutions to streamline your luggage management. Services like the Lifti app allow you to send your bags ahead to your destination, freeing you from the burden of lugging them through airports and customs. Similarly, storage facilities near airports or in transit hubs provide a convenient option for temporarily storing excess baggage until you need it.

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Plan for Souvenir Space

If you anticipate bringing back souvenirs or gifts from your travels, factor this into your baggage planning. Consider leaving extra space in your suitcase or bringing a collapsible bag for souvenirs to avoid exceeding your baggage allowance on the return journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my luggage is 4 kg overweight?

If your luggage exceeds the permitted weight limit by 4 kg, you will likely incur extra baggage charges. The cost of exceeding the weight limit depends on the airline and the destination. It’s advisable to check the airline’s baggage policy in advance and consider pre-purchasing additional baggage allowance to avoid higher fees at the airport.

How much does 1 kg extra baggage cost?

The cost of 1 kg of extra baggage varies depending on the airline and the route. In the blog post, examples of extra baggage charges for different airlines flying from UAE and Dubai to various destinations are provided. These charges typically range from USD 6 to USD 40 per kilogram.

Can I pay for extra baggage at the airport?

Yes, you can usually pay for extra baggage at the airport, but it may come with higher fees compared to pre-purchasing additional baggage allowance online. It’s recommended to check the airline’s website or contact their customer service to inquire about the options and fees for paying for extra baggage at the airport.

How do I add extra luggage to my international flight?

You can add extra luggage to your international flight by logging into the airline’s website or using their mobile app to manage your booking. Look for the section related to baggage or additional services, where you can usually purchase extra baggage allowance. Alternatively, you can contact the airline’s customer service for assistance with adding extra luggage to your booking.

Is it cheaper to buy extra baggage?

Whether it’s cheaper to buy extra baggage depends on various factors, including the airline, the route, and how much extra baggage you need. In some cases, pre-purchasing additional baggage allowance online may offer discounted rates compared to paying for excess baggage fees at the airport. It’s advisable to compare the costs and consider your specific travel needs before making a decision.

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